Akumal, is located in the Riviera Maya exactly 37 km from Playa del Carmen and one hour from Cancun. One of the attractions of Akumal is the ease with which sea turtles can be appreciated.

Celebrated for its white sands, coral reefs, warm water and rich marine life it’s popular with tourists from around the world. Choosing Akumal means that you will be within close proximity to all of the regions top attractions.

It’s no wonder the sugary white beaches and beautiful bays entice 1000s of tourists like you each year. Even during the development of the town, the beaches remain as glorious as ever. Beaches are big and wide meaning there’s room for everyone without it feeling overcrowded.

For the most part, Akumal’s gorgeous beaches laregly encompass “Las Bahias de Akumal”, a series of five bays starting to the south of Yal-Ku Lagoon (teeming with colorful tropical fish, plus stingrays and barracudas),  with North Akumal Beach and ending at Aventuras Akumal to the south. Inland, Aktun Chen Parque Natural is known for its caves, cenotes (freshwater pools) and underground river.

Central Akumal beach is at the heart of all other beaches. These pristine sands are lined with beachside shops, restaurants, dive shops, and homey beachfront accommodations. Characterized by sublime beaches, stunning accommodations, and an array of natural wonders, it’s the perfect place to visit during your next vacation.

Sleepy Akumal does have a small downtown area for you to explore!
Be careful though or you might miss it! It’s very small and made up of a supermarket, a few restaurants, taco stands, and small shops that sell Mexican handicrafts (perfect for souvenirs).

The ride from the Cancun Airport to Akumal depends on where exactly your hotel is located, it can take from 1:20 Hrs to 1:40 Hrs depending on traffic conditions.

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