1) Cancellation Policy: Full refund is provided for cancelations made 24 hours prior to the service. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the service are non-refundable.

2) Modification Policy: Any requests for modifications or other changes must be made prior to 18:00 of the day before the service. Any requests made subsequent to this deadline may be subject to conditions.

3) Refund Timing: Please note, due to banking processes beyond our control, refunds may take between 3 to 30 days to post to your account for credit card transactions and up to 5 business days for PayPal transactions.

4) Flight Delays: In the event of flight delays, we monitor arrival times judiciously. However, we bear no responsibility if the service needs to be rescheduled due to missed flights and no refunds will be provided in these instances. Rescheduling will be done based on available resources.

a) Please notify us immediately if a flight is missed to maximize the likelihood of rescheduling at no additional cost. This provision qualifies as a same-day change request.

5) Flight Details: We utilize the flight details supplied to us in our system. If you are on a different flight, it is your responsibility to inform us prior to departure from your point of origin.

a) For group travel, provide us with details of the last flight to arrive.

6) Return Flight Delays or Cancellations: Vantage Deluxe Transportation assumes no responsibility for airline decisions causing delays or cancellations of return flights. Rescheduling of pickup in such situations will depend on availability and will be considered a same-day modification as indicated previously.

7) Terminal Transfers: There is an additional $5 USD charge for pickups at different terminals. There is no additional charge for drop-offs at different terminals.

8) Arrival Time: Arrival time takes into account flight arrival time plus approximately 40 minutes for customs clearance and baggage collection. If this process takes longer than 40 minutes, you must inform us.

8.1) If you arrive in Cancun and can’t find us, call us, we are always looking for you in front of the welcome bars. If you leave the airport without notifying us it counts as a No Show on your part.

9) Departure Pickup: Our schedule includes travel time plus an additional 2 hours for flight documentation. If you wish to alter this timing to reach the airport early, the responsibility is solely yours.

9.1) If you made the wrong hotel when you made your reservation and our driver is already on his way to your hotel or is already at the hotel, it is not our responsibility to make a refund, since the service is being provided according to what you contracted.

10) No Show Policy: Our pick-up schedule includes a grace period of a maximum of 15 minutes. If you are not present within this window, we reserve the right to classify this as a “No Show”. No refunds will be provided for “No Shows”.

11) Car Seat Policy: If the vehicle does not contain a car seat and you choose not to utilize the service, this will be considered a cancellation. Vantage Deluxe Transportation does not bear responsibility for this type of cancellation.

12) Identification Policy: For safety and authentication measures, you will be required to present an official form of identification (ID, driver’s license, passport) before boarding our vehicle. Any failure to comply with this requirement may result in refusal of service without refund.

13) Same-Day Reservations: All reservations made on the same day of service must be paid in full at the time of booking to secure the service. Due to the nature of last-minute bookings, there may be instances where we are unable to accommodate your request due to lack of availability. In such cases, we will promptly contact you to inform you of the situation and a full refund will be issued. If you do not receive any communication from us after making a same-day reservation, you can safely assume that your service is confirmed and we will be there to pick you up as scheduled.

14) Advance Reservations: For reservations made in advance, payment and confirmation are required to secure your booking. If a reservation is made but not paid for and no contact has been made to confirm the booking, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

The above listed terms and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of Vantage Deluxe Transportation without any prior notice.

Please note that these policies are in place to ensure the smooth operation of our services and to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.